Forgiveness: It’s good for your spiritual health

First Church of Lexington’s Lenten study is entitled, “Lift High the Cross”. This weeks topic was on “forgiveness.” As part of my personal study, I ran across a sermon on the subject that I shared with my study group tonight. I thought you might enjoy it too.

Go to and choose message archive. The title of the sermon is “Forgive” and the date is March 11th. It is about 36 minutes and hits on the subject of forgiveness in a practical way.

The net-net of our time together this week is this: Forgiveness is something that God demands of us for several reasons. 1.) it shows our gratitude and understanding of what God has done for us, 2.) unforgiveness in our lives stunts our spiritual growth, 3.) it is a real way to show God’s love to our fellow travelers.