Bill Cann’s passing

I was very sad to learn about Bill Cann’s passing today. Most of you do not know Bill, but I bet you do.

I moved to Kentucky from Texas in 1990 fresh out of college. Bill and his entire family took me in and created an extended family for me from day one. I moved up in June and before I knew it Bill had me playing softball for his co-ed team and singing in the church choir. Bill played softball into his 60s and coached until just a few years ago along with being an fine musician and a distinguished educator/administrator. But his greatest trait as far as I am concerned is that he loved people. He loved me and from the first moment made me feel valued and special. Bill Cann is one of the reasons I am who I am today.

You know Bill. You have “Bill’s” in your own life. I pray that you are a “Bill”. We talk alot about legacy and purpose in the church. Bill did more than talk, he lived it out. May we all begin or continue to invest in the lives of those around us. God will use us if we do, I can testify to that!