The Jesus Tomb


On this subject of 1st century significance, I will gladly defer to the experts. Dr. Witherington is one of the foremost authorities on this subject and in the above post lays out the facts for all to view.

One comment that I will make. These wild goose chases usually end up engaging the Christian base in powerful ways. We come out of the woodworks and want to know more about our faith when we feel it is being threatened. In a weird way, this type of news is GREAT FOR THE BUSINESS OF KINGDOM BUILDING!

Read up on the events. Become knowledgeable and ready to share with people you may see in Wal-mart or the Barber shop about what you believe. DO NOT be condescending toward anyone with a differing opinion. CONGRATULATE them on wanting to know more and being informed enough to have an opinion. THEN PRAY for them that the Holy Spirit will show them the truth.

Friends. Jesus’ grave was found about 2,000 years ago. And it was found empty. This “new” data will be proved inaccurate you can rest assured. But until then, let’s take this opportunity to engage our culture in a fact finding journey that ends at Jesus’ feet.

Published by Todd Nelson

I'm one of the pastors at First United Methodist Church in Lexington, Kentucky where I've served for the past thirteen years. The sub-title of this blog is "Grace is no accident" which happens to be the defining reality of my life. God's grace (gift) is the reason we have breath in our lungs and hope in our hearts.

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