Good for Harvard

A ‘Rebellious Daughter’ to Lead Harvard – New York Times

Reading this story, it struck me as to how far we have come in basically one generation. From an expectation of being a debutante to leading Harvard is a world of difference. How far will we go over the next 60 years? What will my two daughters’ lives be like?

My hope is that the Church as a whole will be a leader in embracing and continuing to move the bar forward by valuing, giving dignity to, and showing respect for all people regardless of gender, race, or socio-economic standing.

End of soapbox…exciting stuff.

Published by Todd Nelson

I'm one of the pastors at First United Methodist Church in Lexington, Kentucky where I've served for the past thirteen years. The sub-title of this blog is "Grace is no accident" which happens to be the defining reality of my life. God's grace (gift) is the reason we have breath in our lungs and hope in our hearts.

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