Reality Check

I was in Starbucks tonight doing some work on a presentation for this weekend when a group of young people (ie. under 20) sat down at a table next to me. A very pleasant young woman with the group came up and asked if they could borrow the extra chair at my table and I happily obliged. They were a fun loving and gregarious bunch who seemed to be very good friends.

With me so far?

Over the next 20 minutes, out in the middle of a public space and within earshot of many people, including me, they openly shared the most intimate parts of their and their friends’ lives (please know what I mean). I tried to just block it all out for I while, but I finally got so embarrased, for me and for them, that I left and came home to finish up my preparation. It was one of those things you just try to ignore until you can’t anymore.

Driving home I kept thinking, “What is this world coming to? Why would anyone feel that they would want to discuss such things in the middle of a public space or anyplace at all for that matter?!”

Then it hit me. First of all, I am not called to judge but to love. And secondly, they are exactly the reason I accepted a call into ministry. They are loved by God and full of promise because they were created by the Almighty and Loving Jehovah God. They, along with me and you, stand in desparate need of reconciliation which only comes through a relationship with Jesus. Let me paraphrase the Apostle Paul for a moment, “How will they hear if there is no one to tell them?” My life’s mission is to love God with my whole heart and help God’s people do the same and then share that love.

I will probably never see any of those young people again. But my gut tells me that there are Christians that they know. Maybe even some that they like and trust. My prayer tonight is that someone will be faithful to God’s calling and begin to invest in their lives in a way that would bring the light of Christ.

Friends, we all have someone in our life that needs the light of Christ just like we do. Will we be faithful? Will we take the time to invest in people who may seem unlovable, unapproachable, or even uninterested?