Romans 2:4 “Do you not realize that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?”

We are called upon in Matthew 28 to spread the good news of Christ to the ends of the earth. It is our (the church’s) responsibility to give ourselves completely (mind, body, energy, resources) to this endeavor. However, evangelism gets a bad wrap because of the manner in which some of our brothers and sisters have chosen to go about it. I am sure you have seen a sign at some point with the message I used in the title to this blog. I am repulsed by the audacity of the words and the lack of love it conveys. In Romans 2:4, Paul says that God’s kindness is the very thing that brings us to the point of turning to Him.

Since kindness is God’s chosen evangelism tool, shouldn’t it be ours too? Establishing loving, caring, and giving relationships with those around us (co-workers, friends, family, grocery baggers etc.) seems, to me atleast, to be the way to best carry out our mission.

One phrase from my past professional life sticks with me when talking about evangelism. “People don’t care what you know until they know you care.” This axiom has proven itself over and again for me personally. Once people know you care, they want to hear what makes you tick. It is then that you are able to share fully and freely about the difference Christ makes in your life and the ability for them to have that same relationship.

Please hear me. I am not saying that we establish relationships in order to manipulate people into the kingdom! We need relationships with others as much, or more, than they do. Investing in people completes us. God created us to be authentically involved with others. What I AM saying is that we must realize that we are heard only after we have earned a hearing.

Which brings me to a real point of conflict with me. How many people do we know, are friends with, and share our lives with OUTSIDE THE CHURCH WALLS? Has our church family become our entire SOCIAL life?

Share the message “first in Jerusalem, then in Judea, and then the rest of the world” is Jesus’ direction to us. I think this is applicable to many aspects of our lives including who we chose to do life with.