The Other Side

The other side of seminary has been refreshing. Graduating in May 2006, this is my first Christmas season without the weight of papers, finals, and completing the last bit of reading. With its completion has come a renewed sense of family time and the joy that comes with it. Rather than Scrooge, I am enjoying the season and all it’s beauty. Rather than rushing through and hoping for it to end, I am savoring each day knowing it will end sooner than I like.

Friends, life is about the journey not the destination. We grow, learn, are transformed in the daily happenings of our life. Funny how it is that we need to slow down at times in order to sense and realize this one simple fact.

Just for a day, stop striving, and start living. Just for a day, stop hurrying, and start savoring. Who knows, one day may become two or three. Three days may become a week. A week may become a year and a year a lifetime.

Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow is our story as Christ followers. Let us live it just as good as we sing it.