Fun fact

Did you know that there are at least (4) occurrences of bodies of water being parted in the Old Testament. We all know about Moses and the Red Sea, but God also parted the Jordan (3) times, once for Joshua (Joshua 3), Elijah (2 Kings 2), and Elisha (2 Kings 2). My point being this: the bible is full of life giving stories that challenge and change us. It is God’s revealed Word to humanity. I wonder how fully we invest ourselves in the good book? Have we stopped with the Sunday School stories from our youth? Is God’s Word relevant to our life? Do we assume that we already know all we need to know? Are parts of the Bible difficult for us and therefore we skip them?

A world of learning, wisdom, understanding and increased faith await us between the covers of Scripture. As with anything else, it takes time and effort. This means of grace is no different. In fact, unlike any other reading material, you will find that when you sit down to read Scripture there will be great many distractions (the dog will need to go out, the kids will start crying, your favorite TV show will come on etc.). I believe that this is Satan’s way of keeping us out of the Word and therefore limiting or even stunting our spiritual growth.

No guilt here. If your commitment to reading the Bible has been thin up to this point, that is behind you. What counts is today and tomorrow. By the grace of God may it go well with your soul.