Ted Haggard: A response


May we not be quick to rush to judgment. May we not be soft in our disciplining if it is true. May we not lack grace in any of our responses and realize that we are all one phone call, mouse click, or wrong turn away from temptation. And temptation always provides a breeding ground for potential moral failure. And moral failure always brings about consequences to the person, family, and society involved.

I am calling all those who love Christ and are committed to a life of discipleship to accountability. Find that someone who loves you enough to tell you the truth. Find that someone who loves you enough to hear whatever you have to say without judging or condeming and still able to see the marks of God within you. Find that someone who is spiritually mature enough to handle whatever life may bring. Allow them to see your life as it is; as it could be.

We are not in this alone. Times like these call for community. Let’s be the community worthy of Christ’s calling.