The people of PRESENCE and PROMISE

How do we view God’s interaction in the world? Two words: PRESENCE and PROMISE. Think through the Old Testament for a moment. Yahweh is present with the nation of Israel through think and thin. Yahweh covenants with the people to not destroy them again (Noadic), make them a great nation through which all other nations will be blessed (Abrahamic), and install a permanent kingdom with a descendant of David sitting on the throne (Davidic). There are others for sure, but we see God wanting to commit to His people and asking the people to remain faithful to the plan. Presence and Promise. Relationship built upon trust and longevity.

What a great model for our personal lives (especially family relationships). Sometimes we underestimate the importance of presence with those we love. We say that we spend “quality” time and that somehow makes up for the lack of “quantity”. It takes both quality and quantity to make a strong relationship with your friends, spouse, children, parents, siblings, co-workers, etc, etc, etc.

The promise piece of the puzzle is important to building unity, trust, and fulfillment. It is those things which we commit to and then accomplish that provide a foundation from which to grow and deepen a relationship. Trust and credibility grows over time. It is these elements that directly point toward the love we have for others. People need to know they are loved and important. The primary way we express love is by giving time and by being faithful to the promises we make.

I write beyond my understanding and beyond my reality at this point. Talk about a matter of prayer, commitment and accountability! Well, no better time like the present…