Contrast: Light and Salt

Scripture is full of contrasts. Adam and Eve vs. Serpent. Cain vs. Able. Samuel vs. Eli. Saul vs. David. Jesus vs. Satan, Pharisees, Roman Govt. If we are honest with ourselves, we live in a world of contrast. It is the contrasts of our life that shed light on truth and God’s will for us. Not all are epic battles of moral rights and wrongs. Some are everyday choices that lead us to specific paths that may or may not be meaningless: paper or plastic comes to mind.

I am struggling with one tension at this point in which I commit to prayer and ask you to do as well: planning vs. doing. Do we spend our life planning or doing? Which is more important? How much of each is the right mix? As we begin a journey to start a new worshipping community, I have to admit that I drift toward spending hours in the planning phase. But I also have to admit, that the best plan will be changed and updated over and over before the final product is complete. My friend Dave threw out the number of 30% as the part of the pie we know going into a project. The remaining 70% is guesswork and will be in a constant state of flux. My guess is this is right, especially in any project dependent upon other people. So does this mean we should spend 30% of our time planning, and 70% actively pursuing the project with a host of small, low barrier salvos that are constantly being evaluated? Thanks for listening. As you can tell, I have much pondering to do.