Back to Politics

I recently put up a Martin Luther King Jr. quote about the church needing to be the conscience of the gov’t. The more I chew on this, the more I agree with it. Without a true and consistent voice in the political arena, govt tends to drift toward a “what is in it for me” type of governance. More energy is placed on re-election and less on setting direction for a nation. Let me say that I do believe that God calls people into running for elected office. I have friends who are currently running or who have run for office and I whole-heartedly support them and their efforts. I also believe that Christians need to be involved in voting and advocating.

But I DO NOT believe that this is our primary, secondary or even tertiary means of inviting change in our world. We must not lose sight of the power of Gospel that transcends all earthly institutions. It is the saving knowledge of Christ that transforms individuals who in turn transform our world. John Wesley held this Jesus-centric worldview. Rather than campaign against the vices current in his day, John Wesley believed and spent his life helping people make their own right decisions that would break the chains of the vices. Jesus is the answer whatever the problem. This might seem simplistic and it is, but it is also the most effective.

For example. Do I believe that abortion is wrong? Yes. But is the church called to campaign for a constitutional ammendment banning abortion and thereby legislating morality? I do not believe so. I believe the church is called to effect social change one person at a time and one situation at a time. Would I cherish a constitutional ammendment? Yes. Is it necessary IF the church is doing its job? I don’t think so.

Back to my original thought. We are called upon to provide a moral compass in this world by reflecting Christ-like living. We are called upon to speak out against injustice and wrong. We are also called upon to love people. And if there is ever a conflict, love wins out.