Keep the main thing

This is not a pro or negative post about speaking in tongues. I still do not fully understand the issue enough to speak intelligently on it.

But what I do want to comment upon is this.

We, the mainline evangelical denominations, are beginning to be known for what we OPPOSE and not who we LOVE. Jesus clearly spoke that the world will know us by our LOVE. When most of the press we get is over squabbles, impuned leadership, and hypocrisy there is no wonder that people are refusing to come to our worship centers on Sunday.

I refuse to believe that we are any less SPIRITUAL as a nation. In fact, most studies indicate that people have a heightened interest in spiritual matters. However, they are turning to Islam, or Tarot card readers, and many other alternatives to Christianity to determine their purpose for life. Instead of being seen as welcoming places for all people, we are seen as sectarian groups who can’t get our own stuff straight.

But I will say this. IF, and this is a big IF, we ever do work through the myriad of our issues within the church and come out the other side stronger and more unified, that would be a great story of love to convey to our communities and world. Could our internal conflicts be the doorway to greater intimacy within the church? And if so, could this lead to greater intimacy within the broader society?

Something to think about.