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Fast Company Management, Leadership and Career Advice for Business Executives: “Leadership is about doing the right thing, not the easy thing.
—Michael Volkema, chairman, Herman Miller”

Leadership is about doing the right thing, not the easy thing. I am in agreement with this statement from Michael Volkema, but not completely sold on its simplicity. I grow tired of programmed responses, and pithy statements which only leave us more confused and dazed after trying them. For isntance, many times the right thing is not decided or known up front, but proven over time. Gut instinct and intuition play an important part alongside with analysis and research of a situations parameters.

Therefore, it is imperative to build trust and credibility that will buy a leader time to see their decisions through to completion. You either build that trust and credibility by sheer force of will, or you do it by building consensus and democratizing the process. I am not sold on a particular “best case”.

I look to Scripture for guidance, and see that Jesus rarely built consensus. He did not sit around with the disciples and ask for their opinions or guidance on his next move. Rather Jesus depended upon God for guidance and advice. But I also realize that Jesus’ is the exception in so many instances.

I believe that we are all gifted for leadership. It is our God-given privilege to cultivate this leadership through experiences that stretch us and those around us. Change for change-sake is not the answer, but situtations which push us and prompt our dependence upon God are the way in which we grow as disciples and therefore as leaders after Jesus’ own heart.

We are called to a contrarian life; we are led to think differently; we are gifted to bring about God’s kingdom on this earth; we are empowered to be leaders; if it is difficult things that we must do, then we must do them.

More questions than answers. Sorry? Not really…