Creation vs. Evolution or Evolution informing Creation

I have been reviewing the creation story and many of the texts that enlighten it like Psalm 104 and Job 37-39. It appears to me that we are missing the most important part of the story (or should I say stories) of creation. Rather than pulling us apart as we argue science vs. faith, I find little if any conflict between the two. Genesis does not tell us “how” God created, only that God did. Personally, I care little “how” God did it. Perhaps we might be better served learning key lessons from the creation accounts rather than arguing or focusing on the “how”.

What lessons? Sanctity of marriage, power of God, free will, God’s love for humanity, humanity’s responsibility to steward the earth, honoring the Sabbath, and that we are made in God’s image thereby making all of humanity valued beyond measure; these are all lessons to focus on that should draw us together as followers of Christ. And in the end, these principles have the power to transform our souls.