Controlling God

Have you ever found yourself doing things (or not doing things) in order to reap a reward from God? For instance, do you pray especially hard prior to a big event in your life? What motive do you have for doing so? Have you ever fasted in order to get God to respond? I want to explore this topic more fully as we journey together. I do not have a firm answer at this point. The essence of the discussion in “motive”. Why do I do something? If for my own self-interests, then that is leading me away from God even if it involves Him (ie. fasting or other sacrifical prayer means). But I also know that God wants us to fast and move into seasons of sacrifice and that God responds to them. But here is the rub. Matthew 5 states emphatically that God is interested in not only your actions but your thoughts and reasoning behind doing something. Maybe that is the place to start. Till later. Todd