Strength in Weakness

Paul speaks of wanting God to remove a thorn in his side. He says that he prayed three times and yet God left it. Jesus also was given a thorn, namely humanity, for him to suffer with, through, and for. In weakness, Jesus was made strong. Through giving himself over to the Jews and Roman authorities, Jesus was led to a place of death. And yet that was the ultimate moment in human history and all hope comes from this death and resurrection.

Where is your/my weak spot(s)? Do you have something that you have asked God to take away and yet God has not answered yet? If it is something sinful, then perhaps you are hindering this healing and deliverance…if it is not sinful, then perhaps God is telling you/me that His grace is sufficient. Our circumstances may be the vehical that God wants to use to reach other people with the message of love, joy, and hope.

Such a tough message…such an important lesson…such a big God to walk with us.