When all is said and done

A lot less is done than said. Interesting and accurate. Humbling and challenging. Meaningful and meaningless. I have been really interested in the power of focus. You know the old analogy: light can either make a room bright or if focused cut a steel beam in half. Which will I be? Which will you be? Will we simply be content with filling the room with light, noble and worthwhile I would say? Rooms need to be lit. Or will we decide to focus our energies on one or two principle things and see what happens?

What would happen if churches stopped trying to be the all things to all people? What if we looked inside our walls, sought out our true passions and giftedness and then acted upon these? What if we were content to let “good” things go in order for the energy to be spent to make something possibly “great”.

Good does not attract attention. Great does. Good is comfortable. Great moves people to action.

Now before you think I have lost focus on God, this is exactly what I mean. What would it be like if our top priority. Only priority was a relationship with God. Other things would flow from this. But our relationship was the spring from which all other things in our life came. That is the life I long for. But that is the life that I have not yet lived. May this be our prayer and our life’s laser beam, life changing, world transforming focus.