Talking a good game not enough

“I go through life as a transient on his way to eternity, made in the image of God but with that image debased, needing to be taught how to meditate, to worship, to think.” Donald Coggan as printed in Richard Foster’s Celebrations of Discipline.This quote gets to the heart of our efforts: to help us overcome the sinful nature we have in order to be like Christ. This is accomplished only through the Grace of God working in our lives. This Grace is freely given by God (no strings attached), but God also wants us to intentionally ask, seek, and knock (Matthew 7). The question becomes “how”? How do we ask, seek, and knock? Through the spiritual disciplines that God has given us.The following is but a small list which comes from Foster’s book:Inward Discplines: meditation, prayer, fasting, study Outward Disciplines: simplicity, solitude, submission, service Corporate Disciplines: confession, worship, guidance, celebration

These are our lifelines to spiritual growth. Are we taking full advantage to connect on a daily basis? If not, don’t let guilt get the best of you. Start again right now. Forget what lies behind and reach forward to a better tomorrow.