Anyone out there?

I can’t believe two months have gone by between blog posting. Thanks for being so faithful and allowing me some transition time. Lexington is going very well. The family is getting adjusted and we are simply, downright, out and out busy with life. Must begin to get a handle on this whole personal and wholeness thing again.

My devotions lately have really centered on claiming God’s power without the need to see God’s power. Mesh, Shad and Abed were three Jewish boys who refused to worship the king. When faced with the fiery furnace, the boys told the king that their God was powerful enough to save them, but even if He did not, that doesn’t mean that the king should assume their God is powerless. These boys were willing to trust God without needing evidence. That is my prayer. So much of our faith is dependent on results. But is it really faith if belief is based on results? I think not. Faith, Paul says is the hope in things unseen.

God is powerful and at work in our lives. Do we believe it? God is taking care of our needs and providing grace. Do we claim it?