Incite by Design: Does your enthusiasm control you…

Incite by Design: Does your enthusiasm control you…

The above is a good post about the downside of passion and enthusiasm.

NRS Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

Yes there are seasons in our personal and professional life. Time for equipping, time for ferocious all
encompassing action, time for planning, time for laughing and watching TV. The key is to identify what season
of life you are in and then make the most of it. Maybe you are in a down time right now that will allow you to
get ready for the road ahead. If so, relax and enjoy. Perhaps you are in the middle of a crisis or a crazy time.
Take joy that it is for but a season and find strength in God and the relationships He has put in your life. Or maybe
yet, this is a time of equipping and building up. Study hard, ask questions constantly, and make sure you are using
your time wisely. For to every stage there is a lifespan. For every winter comes a spring. May God in heaven,
the author and perfector of your life, mold you this day into the image of His Son Jesus Christ and in so doing
bring Himself great joy.