A Shining Example

Matthew 5:16 says that we are to let our “light” shine before people in a way that they see our good works so that they can praise our Father in heaven. What a tremendous impact we have on others. And notice that it says “see our good works”. It does not say, “let them hear our good sermons” or “try to change them”. If we could simply stop talking long enough to hear the people around us we would then see their hurts, fears, and quite honestly their seeking of answers. How we live our lives is the most powerful sermon or evangelistic tool we can use to spread the good news of God’s grace. When people see a life full of love, acceptance, tolerance, passion, and sacrifice ( I could go on and on but you get the picture), they will be interested in the questions “why?” and “how?” Why is this person this way and how do they do it?

People are watching! You are making a difference (positive or negative)! Live out of God’s love and watch what it does to the people around you.