The life you FIND may be your own

Why go through all the bother of “church”? Wouldn’t Sundays (or Saturday nights) be more productive without those couple of lost hours at church? Since God is omnipresent, can’t we worship God in our own home or even better on a golf course?

My take on these questions is this:

1. You can, but will you? You can worship God anywhere, but we have a tendency to be out of sight out of mind in our worship. Church is a wonderful way to set aside intentional time to be with God.

2. It’s that community word again. God crafted you and me to be in relationship with other people. I would like to change the word from “church” to “community” in order for us to be more focused on being in relationship with one another. It is through “community” that God has a tendency to impart God’s grace which is the key ingredient to our transformation.

So, why bother? God finds those who seek Him. God transforms those who humble themselves in active obedience. God equips those who accepts His grace. Actively, humbly, seeking, accepting are all traits that you will find yourself involved in when you make “community” or “church” a priority. The life you find might very well be your own.