It’s us not them

Never has it took more time to say less things than yesterdays Congressional hearings. Here they sat, absolute superstars annually making more money than a few 3rd world countries combined. Have we lost our way here? I realize that they are role models, but really now, can they be held accountable for what high school players do to their bodies?

When will we as a society begin to be accountable for our own youth? When will we stop putting so much pressure on kids to grow up and compete that they feel they have to cheat themselves and others to ATTEMPT to succeed? My heart breaks for our youth. From TV to radio to magazines to professional athletes, they are being bombarded with a theology of success and beauty that is completely out of square with God’s intent. It is time for the church to stand up. It is time for God’s people to reach out in love and accept everyone especially the youth of our land who are still trying to find themselves.

No more excuses. No more blaming the media. If the true message is not getting out there, I take the blame. And so should you if you consider yourself a follower of Christ.