Getting happy

Mid 60s, calm winds, no rain, middle of February, life is good. There is so much in life that I am thankful for. Great friends, wonderful wife, adorable kids (I admit to a bias), and a thoughtful church family. May we all take a step back today and think for a moment about all that God has given us. Being thankful for what we do have has an amazing impact on the rest of our life in which we struggle with trials. Being thankful tells God that we understand our place in God’s economy. Being thankful is a wonderful act of worship which is why we were created in the first place.

Published by Todd Nelson

I'm one of the pastors at First United Methodist Church in Lexington, Kentucky where I've served for the past thirteen years. The sub-title of this blog is "Grace is no accident" which happens to be the defining reality of my life. God's grace (gift) is the reason we have breath in our lungs and hope in our hearts.

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