Now you see it, now you don’t

At&t and SBC. Procter and Gamble and Gillette. Two mergers, about 50,000 lives turned upside down when it is all said and done. All in the name of productivity and synergy. Two way overused and misunderstood words. Look at the track record, mega-mergers do not work. Reduced competition is bad. All I need to say is AOL/Time Warner and you can see the poster child of bad ideas by corporate America. But I digress.

Cherish each day. Do not take it for granted. It only takes a moment for your whole world to be turned upside down. Corporate merger. Car accident. Cancer. These are but a very few of the things that our society must deal with on a daily basis. If you haven’t been touched by them, you will. And what will your response be? Will you cave and play the blame game? Will you look to God and know that you are being taken care of? I pray that God will give you and me the strength to deal with it when it comes.