Speaking the truth in love

Rocky Mountain News: Education

I cease to be amazed at how out of touch individuals can be. The article that I have linked is a story about a Professor who has gone on the record
as saying that the victims of 9/11 were not innocent. His argument is that the US govt has made almost everyone a military target through their foreign policy.

Let me cut to the chase about my distaste for this kind of rhetoric. It hurts people. It takes good memories of 3,000+ loved ones and tromps on them. Yes, we have
the right to say whatever we want. But that right is only intact within the context of the larger society. Our personal rights should be subservient to society’s needs.

Paul said it this way, “all things are good, but not all things are profitable.” I like to say “less is more.” I believe it is a sign of a mature person when someone can
listen well, speak encouragement even when giving the hard truth, and put the needs/feelings of others before her or himself. I am not saying that we spare
speaking critically, telling the truth, or sugar coat anything. What I am saying is that “how” we say something is as important as “what” we say. For if we are
not mindful of others, then they will not listen to us anyway. And if no one is listening, then we are speaking in vain. And if we are speaking in vain, don’t we
have better things to do?