Never mind…

“Never mind your worries, never mind your fears, they only take you far from me.” Third Day

There is this river that we all exist in it called humanity. The current of this river flows and carries us along. The problem is this: the flow of this river carries you and me away from God. Worries, fears, anxiety are all currents in this river that remove us from God. Believe me, I know that these are learned responses to our environment and situations that are difficult to unlearn. But they still remove us from God. So we must continually swim upstream against our own will and yearnings in order to remain close to God. Our saving grace is that God is right there with us helping us, spurring us, and sustaining us in our effort.

Published by Todd Nelson

I'm one of the pastors at First United Methodist Church in Lexington, Kentucky where I've served for the past thirteen years. The sub-title of this blog is "Grace is no accident" which happens to be the defining reality of my life. God's grace (gift) is the reason we have breath in our lungs and hope in our hearts.

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