Questions for our Lifetime

1. Where is God in the midst of 150,000 people dead?

2. How can we say we serve a loving God during such a time?

3. How can we say we serve a powerful God (omnipotent is the term we like to use) when God couldn’t/didn’t stop something like this?

4. What did the people in S. Asia do to deserve something like this?

These are all great questions that I have heard over the past week. These are all “must answer” questions for the Christian community if we are to have relevance in our world. No longer can we hide behind ignorance of our faith and hope these questions go away. For as long as you and I live, we will be faced with these questions surrounding this event. The askers of these questions are not looking for pat answers out of a brochure. They are looking for thoughtful answers that connect their lives with what has happened.

Listen closely and you can hear a heart seeking truth. Listen closely and you can hear a soul wanting assurance. Listen closely and you can sense a heart that desparately wants to believe that their lives are valued by someone (anyone). Are you listening?