Where would we be?

Where would we be without the likes of radical people willing to risk life, limb, security, and their future to accomplish things that nobody wanted or even thought possible. Thomas Edison, Abe Lincoln, Mother Theresa, NASA engineers are people (or groups) that come to mind.

The lesson is this: Change does not happen by following the crowd. Radical change does not happen by asking your customers, clients, parishioners, or stakeholders what they would like to see happen. Radical change takes place when people are willing to risk something, look beyond a 2-5 year window and be willing to persevere.

Unfortunately, our society is so programmed to reward short term success that we miss the chance to make lasting contributions. For instance, everyone know that the only way to correct Social Security is to either RAISE TAXES, or CUT BENEFITS. Neither of these solutions are popular and will assure the politician who votes for them a short career. What about companies who manage earnings on a quarterly basis? The market pushes up the stock price of such companies to the point that it makes no sense to invest for the future.

What we need is for individuals to step out boldly on faith. What we need is for stakeholders to take a longer timeframe when considering the “return” on their investments. When those two things come together, I believe we will see radical change and advancements in science, business and most of all the Church.