Boxes are everywhere

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This is an interesting blip that suggests little “correlation” between personality test scores (types) and success in a number of endeavors. We are a society who likes to categorize. Think about it, we all fall into categories based on our gender, education, career, family status etc., etc., etc. Categories are fine and even useful at times. But I also know that so many times we limit ourselves by the categories we fall into. These boxes (categories) at their worst stifle creativity, subdue initiative and downright destroy hope. God transcends all categories and therefore if we are with God so do we. Our possibilities are limited only by God’s grace in our life which, by the way, is not limited. Moses was put in the box of a poor communicator yet God used him mightily. Rahab was put in the box of “social outcast” and God used her mightily. Don’t, I repeat DO NOT, allow the outside world dictate what you can and can not do! Give your complete selves to God and go wherever God sends you to do whatever God tells you to do.