To Think or Not?

With all of this political swirl hitting us over the last month, I am particularly amazed at the lack of anything remotely resembling details. The communication from the political groups is so very predictable and uninteresting. When will we hear the real meat of the issues concerning poverty, education, terrorism and the economy? Or, have we heard all we care to hear? It may be my imagination at work, but I think that if we truly cared about the details then the candidates would provide them at least occasionally. But do we want to dig, think, and come to our own conclusions or are we satisfied to make judgments based on soundbites and appearances? This goes much deeper than simply politics. Too often, I find myself drawn to making convenient conclusions with only a partial representation of the facts. I find myself much more willing to read a newspaper, magazine, or website rather than make the effort with a novel. Perhaps it is because of the overload of information available in our society? Perhaps it is our hectic lifestyles that do not allow for reflection? One think I do know, relating to God is a reflective, thoughtful, all inclusive experience. If we are to intimantly know the One Holy God, then we must be willing to immerse ourselves in the things of God. No shortcuts, no soundbites, no quick appearances will substitute for the lifelong journey that a rich relationship with God requires. Drink long, often and deeply from God’s well my friends.