Cowboys Win, Vinny’s Old

My Cowboys looked okay last night. It is so tough to tell much with all the second teamers playing for both sides. However, there was one thing that I picked up on right away. If I heard it once, I heard it 40 times that Vinny Testaverde is old! If the announcers weren’t calling him old they were calling him veteran. Okay, come up with something more insightful. These guys get paid a lot of money to announce a game and all they can come up with is “old” and “veteran”. How about telling us more about Vinny’s legendary workout program? Or maybe talk about how Vinny didn’t let anyone tell him he couldn’t play anymore? This guy is inspirational to be competing in a young man’s game at the age of 40. Vinny’s story conveys the power of laser focus, perserverance, and hard work that is available to anyone who chooses to use it. These are lessons for all of us whether we are athletes, business people or students. Good things take a lot of work, they take a lot of focus, and we probably will fail more than succeed.