tompeters%21 leadership training development project management

tompeters%21 leadership training development project management

I have been asked by some the “why” question concerning blogging. Which by the way is a good question to ask. Let me answer this way. Tom Peters, of In Search of Excellence fame, has an intriguing quote in his blog today. He calls the medium of sharing thoughts and ideas through blogs “grassroots brushfires”. Let me add that it is this open discussion where we can share ideas (some important, some not so important) and begin to dialogue about who we are as a church, society and individuals. Transformation begins with recognition. And Jesus calls us to a radically transformed life. By starting these “brushfires” of Godly ideas, we are suggesting an alternative to the materialistic, self-centered, dead-end ideas that are drowning our society. And we are doing it in a medium that is far more accesible (24/7/365) than one hour on Sunday morning. Meeting people where they are and offering Jesus, that is the answer to the question ‘why’.