Here is my obligatory post on the Olympics. My imagination has been captured by the site of all the ruins around Rome. Can you imagine what that place must have been like a couple thousand years ago? Absolutely the epicenter of the world. And look at it today, laying in ruins a mere shadow of its former life. I am beginning to realize that this happens to all of us as well. As our lives progress, what was very relevant, vibrant, and even vital in our life becomes “old news”. Think about all the “major” issues in your life that today are barely a blip on your memory screen. I believe that is why God calls us to focus on today in Matthew 6 and not on tomorrow or yesterday. Let yesterday go (learn from it of course but then move on) and be the best you can be today. How much time are we wasting worrying about yesterday or feeling guilt about yesterday? Today is a brand new day which God has entrusted to you and me. So let’s make it count.