What it is all about

These past two weeks have seen 7 life-altering events involving members or family members of First Church’s downtown and Andover campus.  It just reminded me once again how fragile life is and how quickly things can turn.  It also reminded me how important having a group of people who you can count on and call upon during these tough times. I had been struggling with a sermon for most of last week entitled, “Liberty”.  It became obvious by Saturday that this was NOT what God had planned.  I have not been doing this “preacher” thing long, but long enough to … Continue reading What it is all about

Labor Pains

Here is an interesting excerpt from Galatians 5 that I read this morning. 19My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you, Paul is stressing that he is actively involved in the process of helping the Galatians to become mature Christians.  It is part of his calling and not something he is taking lightly.  Couple this along with a quote I read about the Christian journey is one of leadership…meaning we are to be actively building into the lives of others so that they can become the full expression of who God created … Continue reading Labor Pains

Obama Pressures Wall Street Over Bonuses – NYTimes.com

Obama Pressures Wall Street Over Bonuses – NYTimes.com. President Obama calls the bonuses “shameful”.  An interesting choice of words.  More of an eastern sounding response than a western response.  In the west we lean on justice and legal system to keep people in line.  In the east there is more of shame based system of people being shunned and losing respect that keeps people in line.  Let me read a lot into the President’s statement:  While it was not illegal nor are we going to pursue any legal avenues for your actions of paying out the 6th largest bonus pool … Continue reading Obama Pressures Wall Street Over Bonuses – NYTimes.com