Groundhog Day

February 2nd is the national phenomenon and unofficial holiday called Groundhog Day. The good folks in Pennsylvania pull an oversized rodent from its den to predict if winter will be wrapping up shortly or go on for all eternity. My guess is the latter this year! Most recently, Groundhog Day is often known for the… Read More Groundhog Day

An Epiphany Collect

Today is Epiphany. The day in the Christian calendar we recognize that God opened the Good News to all people by the star lighting the path for the Wise Men to find Jesus. What a great image of prevenient grace. God reaching out and using all means necessary to project a path to hope eternal.… Read More An Epiphany Collect

Advent Essay

Another guest post from Carol on this last week of Advent Each year when Advent is drawing near, we begin to realize Christmas is approaching–in fact for many, it approached a while ago. There’s a radio station that has been playing Christmas music since October 1st…decorations have been mixed in with Halloween and Thanksgiving too.… Read More Advent Essay