Roll up your sleeves

We are agents of the Creative Spirit in this world. Real advance in the spiritual life, then, means accepting this vocation with all it involves. Not merely turning over he pages of an engineering magazine and enjoying the pictures, but putting on overalls and get on with the job. The real spiritual life must be horizontal as well as vertical; spread more and more as well as aspire more and more. from The Spiritual Life by Evelyn Underhill (emphasis mine) Continue reading Roll up your sleeves

top3 for February 8, 2019

For what it’s worth, here are three things that I’ve read, been thinking about, and/or have impacted me this week. #1 – My prayer this week. So much swirling. Please be my center. So much unknown. Please be my truth. So much anxiety. Please be my peace. So many decisions. Please be my wisdom. #2 – For older people, beauty doesn’t come free with the hormones, the way it does for the young… It has to do with who the person is.” Ursula K. Le Guin wrote in her meditation on aging and what beauty really means, Came across this quote … Continue reading top3 for February 8, 2019