Yankees vs. Red Sox: Money Series

To the victor goes the spoils, but with over $300 million in payroll between them, both the Red Sox and the Yankees are already spoiled. $300 million to play a game! I need to do some research, but my guess is that this is more than the GDP of a few Central American and African countries combined. Take a look around and see the excesses of our American culture and be amazed at what we take for granted. Running water, dependable electricity, 200+ TV stations, and a Starbucks within 15 minutes of our current location. Let’s heed Jesus’ warning that creature comforts have the tendency to pull us away from God’s Kingdom and be vigilant about getting too comfortable. Now I am not one to say that we do without or go and live in a cave somewhere. (I also believe that Starbucks is an inaliable right!) But I do believe we need to be more thankful of our circumstance and more conscientious of our friends and neighbors who are without.

Sign of the end times!

DallasNews.com | News for Dallas, Texas | Sports

Check out this linked story from the Dallas Morning News. Can you believe that this historic event is followed by such an episode? Three men in history have hit 700 or more home runs and what are we writing about? A lawsuit. Is this what we as a society have morphed into? Chasing our dreams through other people’s success. Finding ourselves waiting around (for a baseball in this case) hoping that good things will just naturally fall into our lap that we miss life? And when it doesn’t happen we blame others. From this day on, choose to live in the moment and be determined to make a difference for you, your family, neighbors, co-workers, and the rest of society. God would not have us do anything less.

Be continued…

Be considerate…be a friend…be a wallflower…be personable…be quiet…be yourself…be challenged…be challenging…be creative…be a solution…be an encourager…be encouraged…be hopeful…be optimistic…be realistic…

Women and new business startups

Fast Company Go with the Girls!

The above link is an inciteful article that continues to make the case for women’s value and abilitities. Women are finding greater success in new business ventures than their male counterparts. Women are forced to do more with less because of the lack of networking available to them for venture capital and other sources of funding. Think about what the results could be if the playing field was leveled? This isn’t a male versus female post, this is a call to an awakening of the inherent God-given gifts that are within all individuals. If we as a society (church included) do not use all of our people’s talents, we are short changing ourselves and God to be very honest.

State of BE..

Be different…Be countercultural…Be revolutionary…Be brave…Be second or third…Be thoughtful…Be challenging…Be introspective…Be friendly…Be out there…Be challenging…Be unafraid…Be loving…Be thankful…Be happy…Be encouraging…Be focused…Be End!