: N.J. Governor to Resign Amid Lawsuit : N.J. Governor to Resign Amid Lawsuit

Let me begin by paraphrasing Matthew 7:3,”get the telephone pole out of your own eye before you look for the sawdust in your neighbors.” I do not want to cast any stones here, actually I think Gov. McGreevey did something today that we can all learn from. Regardless of the circumstances that led up to this confession, Gov McGreevey did an unbelievable stand up thing today. He faced the world, took all of the responsibilty for his actions and there consequences, and asked for forgiveness from everyone involved. May we all remember this example when we are faced with a similar situation in our own life. Hiding under a rock and hoping it will go away only makes the situation worse. Let God help you through any situation and he promises in James 1 that we will become stronger.


My readings have taken me past more than a few post-modern process theologians tonight. Why do we hide things behind hard-to-understand titles and concepts? When I look at Jesus’ life, the first thing that jumps out is the simplicity. By simplicity, I don’t mean unimportant or trivial. Quite the contrary. Jesus had this way of communicating deep, eternal, and relevant truth in less than two sentences. (eg. If you forgive others, God will forgive you. Mt 6:14). Here’s a thought: if you can’t explain it in two sentences, you don’t know it! I am stopping before you start counting my sentences.


I just caught the tail end of Couple’s Fear Factor and happened to see two people win a million bucks. It is interesting to me this reality TV phenomenon. In particular the genre of the Apprentice and Benefactor show what our society is shooting for. I read today that over 400 people lined up in Cincinnati to get a chance to audition for Apprentice 2. Here’s the deal: the search for significance, wealth and fame is really inate to all of us. We want deep down to be “the guy” or “the gal”. When are we gonna see that this drive is God-instilled? When are we gonna wake-up and realize that only our relationship with God can fill this drive for significance in our life? Fortunately for you and me, God is patient. God knows that we will keep searching for that thing to fulfill us and at some point (earlier the better from my point of view) we will find Him.