A Prayer

May we all offer a prayer for unity among the nation and the world. May this prayer be heartfelt and continual. May our words be a mere preview of the actions we take. May the unity we long for come about because of mutual respect and love for one another and not violence or military might. May the God of all creation, sustainer and victor over all people, times and places bring us to our knees in repentance for our country. May we as God’s children and leaders among His people accept the mantle of leadership given by God. May we lead with kindness, honor and respect for all people. Amen.

Be the change

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

Interesting to think that with all the talking heads, analysts, and pundits in our world, they really have little chance at impacting society. It is the people who put their selves on the line each day who make a difference. It is those people who “fail”, not just some but a lot, who end up changing our world (see bio on Thomas Edison for example). The lesson of the story? If you are passionate about homelessness, get involved. If you feel that education is the key to bringing the less fortunate into the mainstream, get involved. If you want to drink clean water, breath healthy air, eat fish from the local lake, get involved. For someone who “communicates” as a vocation, I have to realize that words can only do so much (actually very little). The real power is in putting words into action. Taking small steps toward making things better for you, your family and our world. Jesus might say it like this, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So let’s fight for the underpriviledged, stand up for the powerless, care for the needy, and help those who need a hand. (Sounds like an ad for the United Way!) Let us be the change that we long to see in the world.

Boxes are everywhere

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This is an interesting blip that suggests little “correlation” between personality test scores (types) and success in a number of endeavors. We are a society who likes to categorize. Think about it, we all fall into categories based on our gender, education, career, family status etc., etc., etc. Categories are fine and even useful at times. But I also know that so many times we limit ourselves by the categories we fall into. These boxes (categories) at their worst stifle creativity, subdue initiative and downright destroy hope. God transcends all categories and therefore if we are with God so do we. Our possibilities are limited only by God’s grace in our life which, by the way, is not limited. Moses was put in the box of a poor communicator yet God used him mightily. Rahab was put in the box of “social outcast” and God used her mightily. Don’t, I repeat DO NOT, allow the outside world dictate what you can and can not do! Give your complete selves to God and go wherever God sends you to do whatever God tells you to do.

Yankees vs. Red Sox: Money Series

To the victor goes the spoils, but with over $300 million in payroll between them, both the Red Sox and the Yankees are already spoiled. $300 million to play a game! I need to do some research, but my guess is that this is more than the GDP of a few Central American and African countries combined. Take a look around and see the excesses of our American culture and be amazed at what we take for granted. Running water, dependable electricity, 200+ TV stations, and a Starbucks within 15 minutes of our current location. Let’s heed Jesus’ warning that creature comforts have the tendency to pull us away from God’s Kingdom and be vigilant about getting too comfortable. Now I am not one to say that we do without or go and live in a cave somewhere. (I also believe that Starbucks is an inaliable right!) But I do believe we need to be more thankful of our circumstance and more conscientious of our friends and neighbors who are without.