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tompeters%21 leadership training development project management I have been asked by some the “why” question concerning blogging. Which by the way is a good question to ask. Let me answer this way. Tom Peters, of In Search of Excellence fame, has an intriguing quote in his blog today. He calls the medium of sharing thoughtsContinue reading “tompeters%21 leadership training development project management”


Here is my obligatory post on the Olympics. My imagination has been captured by the site of all the ruins around Rome. Can you imagine what that place must have been like a couple thousand years ago? Absolutely the epicenter of the world. And look at it today, laying in ruins a mere shadow ofContinue reading “Olympics” – The Mountaineering Adventures Of Cave Dog & The Dog Team – The Mountaineering Adventures Of Cave Dog & The Dog Team You have got to take a look at this site. This guy, who goes by the name “Cave Dog” (long story), is a remarkable fellow. He travels to mountain ranges and then runs them. Actually there is much more to it than thatContinue reading “ – The Mountaineering Adventures Of Cave Dog & The Dog Team”


My readings have taken me past more than a few post-modern process theologians tonight. Why do we hide things behind hard-to-understand titles and concepts? When I look at Jesus’ life, the first thing that jumps out is the simplicity. By simplicity, I don’t mean unimportant or trivial. Quite the contrary. Jesus had this way ofContinue reading “Postmodern?”