Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike – New York Times

Link: Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike – New York Times.

The above link is a story about how innovation happens and how the boxes we tend to find ourselves in stifle innovation. The more knowledgable we become about our particular field, the more defined the box gets and our ability to innovate decreases.

As someone who is constantly (atleast it seems) trying to communicate in new and updated terms that people can grasp, I find myself falling into the same patterns for prep, structure, and delivery. While some of this is good as it streamlines the process and creates a sense of familiarity for me and the listeners, I also believe that the message can be tuned out when it becomes TOO FAMILIAR.

One of the things I am most excited about for 2008 is to continue to speak on a weekly basis and push myself to be creative and concise. I know that I will need to seek out life experiences that are new and challenging. I know that I will need to take some chances and maybe even fall flat sometimes. But in the end, my prayer is that the gospel will be furthered and people will come to know and grow in Christ.

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