Freakonomics Blog » More Evidence of Cultural Bias in Testing

Freakonomics Blog » More Evidence of Cultural Bias in Testing

This above link is a tongue and cheek portrait of bias in testing, but the point is well taken and very important for those of us who read Scripture (or anything else for that matter). We all bring a bias, a background, a presumption, and a thought pattern to our reading. It is important to understand ourselves and our potential hang-ups as we read Scripture in particular. What one person sees one way, another may take a meaning quite different from the same passage based on past experiences and/or education.

It is quite amazing to me that God transcends all of our “baggage” and cuts through it to speak to us. The key is to listen by going through the passage gently, slowly, and open. As we read the lectionary passages together, may our prayer be this: “God, show me what you have for me. Let me be quiet enough to listen for you. Let me be focused enough to look for your truth.”